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Your Complete list of Dairy-Free Wind & Willow Mixes

Wind & Willow has what you need to celebrate with all your friends and family (even if they are on a special diet)!  This post is dedicated to all things dairy-free. Our lists include mixes without the specified allergen in the ingredient list.* For additional allergen information please refer to our allergen guide here.

*Products are manufactured in a facility that processes products containing dairy and gluten.  Cleaning and precautions are taken but cross contamination cannot be ruled out.  Therefore, these products may not be suitable for those with extreme sensitivity.

You can skip ahead to the category you are most interested in by clicking on it in the outline below.

Dairy-Free Mixes

  1. Cheeseballs
  2. Cheesecake Dips
  3. Savory Dips
  4. Hot Ciders
  5. Roasted Pecans

Dairy-Free Mixes

Cheeseball Mixes

Key Lime Pie

Lemon Cheesecake

Lemon Blueberry

Pumpkin Pie*


Caramelized Onion

Spinach Artichoke

Jalapeno Peach

Savory Dips

Cucumber Dill

Fiesta Ranchero

Fresh Picked Spinach

Roasted Red Pepper

Savory Herb & Pecan

Hot Cider Mixes (All)

Original Mulled*

Caramel Apple*

English Wassail*

Roasted Pecan Mixes (All)

Cinnamon & Sugar

Cracked Pepper & Garlic

*Seasonal item, while supplies last

Tips for Serving

Tips for Serving Dairy-free options are becoming increasingly available in grocery store, making it easier than ever to prepare Wind & Willow products with no dairy. Replace any dairy containing ingredient called for on the packaging with the non-dairy equivalent of your choice. Vegan butter, cream cheese, sour cream, milk, and even mayonnaise can be found at most stores.

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